A safe space.

It is completely normal to be nervous coming into your photoshoot. It is so important to me to make sure you feel comfortable and supported throughout your entire session. I am here to help you every step of the way. I will walk you through every pose, carefully posing you from head to toe and taking any insecurities you may have into consideration. I want you to leave your session feeling Beautiful and with a new found Confidence that you have been searching for. Boudoir is for EVERY body type and ALL ages 18+!

Every Boudoir photoshoot is 100% confidential to your eyes only!

Brave. Beautiful. Confident.


It's time to spoil yourself! The perfect way to boost your self confidence, surprise your partner or simply to feel sexy in your own skin.

Pricing Guide

For a full list of Luxury Products and Collections please fill out a Contact form. ALL of the products I offer are handmade by a 100% women only ran business called "The Boudoir Album".

Session Types

The Experience


Price Includes:
2 Hour Session Fee
Hair and Makeup by Licensed Cosmetologist

The Encounter


Price Includes:
1 Hour Session Fee

The Teaser


Price Includes:
30 minute Session Fee
5 Full Resolution Digital images
$275 - Book another session get $100 off.
Perfect way to see if a full Boudoir session is right for you!

All packages come with a pre-session consult, wardrobe assistance, use of customer closet Lace robes, and moral support to help with your nerves!

  • Any package can be a Couples session!
  • Digital images do NOT come with printing rights, they may only be used as digital images. Prints of any images can be purchased in the online store through your gallery.


"I am absolutely in love with my pictures!!! For the first time ever, I have looked at my body and thought it was beautiful! Literally the first time!!! It was the exact confidence boost I needed!! So with that, I would love to get more done!"-- She did in fact, book another session and rocked that session too!


Rachel L.

I can’t even begin to express how much confidence Taylor has giving me by making her magic happen furring these photo shoots. She not only is THE BEST hype girl, but she is so compassionate and caring about your wants and desires during the shoot. She understands and sees where you come from in the “flaws” that you see in yourself but Taylor doesn’t see “flaws” she sees beauty, and stories behind your body. Not the societal stigmatization that all girls should look the same. “Petite, no stretch marks, no flab, beautiful skin” She expresses and SHOWS you how beautiful you are in you OWN skin. And I can’t even begin to thank her enough for boosting my own confidence and helping me realize how beautiful I am in my own skin.


Buying Prints and Albums- how do I know they will be made by trusted people?

All of my Albums and Prints are hand crafted by a business created specifically to cater to the Boudoir Photography industry. "The Boudoir Album" is an all women owned and operated company so you never have to worry about men seeing your images!

Do you post my photos online?

Absolutely NOT! Your images are for your eyes only unless you give me written approval to share them. If there are some images you would like to share I still get your approval on every photo before posting.

Do I have to go nude?

No. You can wear as much or as little clothing as you feel comfortable in!

Do you have payment plans?

I do offer payment plans! Photoshoot must be paid in full by the date of the photoshoot but I do accept payment schedules leading up to the photoshoot.

Is hair and makeup included?

Yes. In The Experience package, Hair and Makeup is Included. Hair and Makeup is done by a licensed cosmetologist.

How can I calm my nerves!?

Nerves are part of the experience! It would be weird if you weren't at least a little bit nervous. The nerves you experience at the beginning of your shoot make the WOW factor of seeing your images that much better! Deep breathes, your going to do great!

Where are you located?

My home studio is located just 20 minutes south of Alpena in Ossineke, MI. I do offer outdoor sessions at various locations like the beach, river or grass fields.